ASI #74930


Art in Presentation and Organization.

Custom Packaging: Design and Production. Mailers, folders, boxes, portfolios. . .

Your presentation piece, whether it be a mailer, folder, box, portfolio or custom package, is the first contact you have with your customer or colleague. This piece should represent you and have enough of an impact to provoke interest in your message

There has been no shortage of packaging resources, but OKINA brings innovative solutions to packaging and presentation problems via a multi-disciplinary approach. We provide a full range of services including design, graphics, prototyping, printing, laminating, diecutting, stamping and embossing, finishing and fulfillment. We can assist in bringing your concepts to life or create a complete solution to your particular packaging or presentation matter how complex.

This website will give you an overview of our capabilities and show you some of the products that have been vehicles for the all-important corporate message. We offer many stock items that can be used off-the-shelf but we specialize in custom solutions using creative design, innovative materials, and high-quality manufacture and finishing. Let us help you to bring art to your presentation package. Thank you!

Joseph (Bud) Felson